My name is Adam.

I'm a software engineer who's
worked on education, healthcare,
well-being and food technology.

Let's talk
An example of Spoiler Alert
Spoiler Alert

Director of Engineering, Spoiler Alert

An example of Well-Being Tracker
Well-Being Tracker

Managing Engineer, MeYou Health

An example of Cypress
Project Cypress

Senior Software Systems Engineer, MITRE

Back in school, I got my Masters in Computer Science for
Educational Data Mining & Artificial Intelligence in Education.

An example of ASSISTments

Research Assistant, WPI

Sometimes I use technology to
make people laugh:

And other times I do other
things that mean a lot to me:

Right now, I'm the Director of Engineering at Spoiler Alert, building software and an engineering team to reduce food waste. I'm always excited to talk about working on concrete goals with honest people.

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